AFL for Support & Resistance

Hi Everyone,
So, I was looking for a way to detect Highest High & Lowest Low of the last trend. And

  1. I want to use that Highest High & Lowest low of the last trend as my target. Please tell me how to code it?
  2. And also, how to define Range Bound in afl?

I found this Zig zag afl which is pretty close to what I was looking for. But I could not understand how to put it at work.![Zig%20Zag|690x392

I havent learned enough to help with this quite yet but wanted to just welcome you to the community. Someone will be able to help Im sure. The forums are filled with knowledgeable people that generally respond quite quickly. Good Luck!

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Make sure you get your 'licence verified' badge. AB users are more likely to help when you do.


Done. Thanks. The post was helpful.

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Did it. Thanks. The post was helpful.

Thanks. :smiley: Learning AFL is a real deal, especially for someone non-coder like me. Working on it a lot.

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