AFL Formula Editor Unexpectedly Loses Focus

When I mouse over (just hover, no click) a tree item in the Charts panel, the AFL Formula Editor window looses focus and the entire Amibroker window moves to the front of the z-order.

The expected behavior is that the z-order of all windows remains the same when mouse hovering over the Charts panel.

Note 1: Checking the AFL Formula Window ->Window->Keep On Top, works as expected.

Has anyone seen this behavior? How can I revert the behavior to normal windows operation?

Note: This only happens with the AFL Formula Editor. Other windows (e.g. Amiquote) do not loose focus.

More info: Actually, the “focus” for the AFL Formula editor appears to remain (the window title bar remains highlighted). However, the z-order is definitely affected in that the AFL Formula editor moves behind the AMIBroker window.

I tried removing all recent windows updates, but this had no affect.
I am using Windows 10 Pro, 64Bit fully updated.

That is not AmiBroker behavior. You may be using non-Microsoft mouse driver or accessibility settings (like XMouse) that causes that.

After some experimentation, I find I can eliminate the misbehavior by widening the Chart pane so that all formula names can fit within the pane.


Oh, I finally understand what you meant in first place. It is not the focus that changes. It is main frame that is brought on top when formula tree view tooltip is displayed. Tooltips are displayed when mouse hovers over the formula that has name longer than pane width. The tooltip is a child of main frame and when it is brought to front (so it can be seen), the parent (main frame) is also brought to front by the system. It is a system thing, not controlled by AmiBroker.

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