AFL Formula Wizard not starting up

I am using a licensed version of Amibroker v6.30.5. I have down loaded a trial version of AFL Formula Wizard. Its shown in the menu but it wont start up. When you click the AFl Wizard button it looks like its initializing but fails to start.

Suggestions please.

It's possibly hiding off screen. Try this that Tomasz posted earlier.

Also, make sure your verify your status thus


Unfortunately your question does not provide all necessary details to give you an answer. Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question namely provide:

VERSION you are running (32-bit or 64-bit)
Exact WINDOWS VERSION you are using

Some SERVER editions of Windows can cause problems because they don't install Internet Explorer. AFL Code Wizard requires some parts of Internet Explorer so if you are using SERVER version of Windows you must make sure that it got installed properly.

Sorry had Win version in my notes but missed cut and paste into post, details are:

Win 10 Home, Version 1903, OS Build 18362.657

I notice in my Device Specs it says 64 bit OS, X64 based processor. However I'm running the 32 bIt version of Amibroker so not sure if that's an issue.

I've tried the suggestion of checking for the off screen Window and that didn't reveal anything.

Try just double clicking AFLWiz.exe in AmiBroker folder. And make sure your antivirus (whatever you use) is not going bananas like for example McAfee did: Bad Image (0xC000020) error - McAfee gone mad

Thank you. I did check and there was a pre installed version of Macafee (new PC) which I have now removed .

I've tried starting Wizard from the Program files. But still no joy. Does the same thing, looks like its starting but doesn't execute.

Re-run the setup program.

I did try that a couple of times already after I removed the virus tool but it didn't help. ):