AFL/OLE for Realtime Quote Window

Is there a way to add/remove/list items in the realtime quote window dynamically through AFL or
preferably OLE? I see I might be able drum up something using keyboard shortcuts and AHK (except list), but just wanted to check if I missed a better alternative. Can realtime quote list be somehow referenced as an ordinary watchlist for add/remove/list functionality.


I have an external tool generating a small realtime watchlist updated every second. The goal is to have the convenience of monitoring the current state of tickers in this list. Separately I will also add these tickers to a regular watchlist to perform an "explore" on them each second, but adding to the realtime quote list would just help with my situational awareness throughout this process. An automate, but manually monitor approach.

No, there is no control over Real-Time watch window from the OLE.
You could do that using keyboard shortcuts and software such as AutoHotKey that could use scripts to send keys to the app.

Gotchya, thank you @Tomasz

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