AFLs never complete

When I run any ALF, I seem to be in an endless loop. I have 10 physical cores in my machine, and normally I will see the the threads pulsing between 1 and 20. But right now, it only shows 1 thread working and even the most simple AFL executed against the most simply single criteria screen will never complete until a manually terminate.

I’ve been using the application daily for more than two years and written hundreds of AFLs–no not new, but I’m guessing I have changed a setting somewhere in Preferences or something, but I can’t figure it out and I would appreciate any suggestions.

EDIT: sorry for not being thorough…I had an issue with my RAM that was remedied by a cold boot. Apologies.

Anecdotally, when I suggest that certain errors might be caused by hardware no-one believes. We tend to trust that hardware is perfect. But it is not. Even dust collecting on parts can cause malfunction due to signal leakage and parasite capacities / inductance and/or thermal problems. Then come power supply problems (noise on power lines) and many others that are typically neglected. Even simple hardware can exhibit issues, for example I had some issue with arduino-controlled servo - it sometimes started to vibrate slightly in certain positions. As it turned out it was noise on power line and adding large decoupling capacitor (1000uF) near servo power line fixed the problem.

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