ALERTIF and Different Inteval Windows

I'm working on some alerts using ALERTIF. I have the same signals being generated in different time intervals (15 min and 60 min) using different windows for each interval. The alert code sits in both windows.

The alerts are only being generated from the active interval window and not the other, either the 60m or the 15m but not both. Is there a way to get both windows to generate their respective alerts or do I have to do a TIMEFRAMESET for each interval I want to test for an alert?

Many thanks!

It's been several days and no one has responded to the question about ALERTIF and timeframe context. Does anyone have any insights on this? Is there a way other than TIMEFRAMESET tests to get the alerts to happen for different intervals in different and nonactive windows?

Sure do appreciate your help on this one.

RequestTimedRefresh( interval, onlyvisible = True )

Many thanks awilson for your response and the tip. I did a quick test this morning and this does appear to be working well. I'm expanding the test now across multiple time frames and signals to confirm the solution.

Thanks again!