AlertIF Duplicates

I created a system that is running intraday that is looking for events like a pullback to a 10ma from a list and it then displays it on the explore screen and also uses AlertIf to send me an email.

I know from reading that AlertIF won't send duplicates...but curious how far back it looks. For instance, if the system runs ever 5 minutes and it finds stock ROKU at the 10ma at 3:00, then at 3:05 it is there again, I assume AlertIf won't resend the alert because it was there on the previous run. But what if it's there at 3:00, is not there at 3:05 but then is there at 3:10. Since ROKU was not at the 10ma at 3:05 will it resend the email at 3:10? Asking because I'm getting some but not all duplicate emails.

If this is the way it's supposed to work, is there any way to set the timing to be so it won't alert me again if it found it w/in say the last hour?


Nevermind; think i found it with the lookback flag.

If you found relevant page of the manual, why don't you post your findings to help others that may have the question in the future?

Relevant page

AlertIf( BOOLEAN_EXPRESSION , command , text , type = 0, flags = 1+2+4+8, lookback = 1 );

lookback parameter controls how many recent bars are checked