Align Scan Auto repeat time with chart time

How to Align Scan Auto repeat time with chart time Automatically for multiple Scans window?

Problem detail:

My objective is to run two scans and auto repeat time is every one minute. is there any way that scan starting time in both windows could be 9 am.

Reason is , if after all setting or after opening. apx file that have saved setting for scan, if I click on scan at 9:00:00 am then next scan will run at 9:01:00 am and so on.

but, it is not possible to click on scan button exactly at 9:00:00 am. if I click on scan button at 9:00:03 second then next scan will run at 9:01:03 second. while chart candle is completing at 9:00:00. here 3 second delay occurs in candle completion and auto repeat of scan.


I did not read your similar post in different thread.

Batch Docs says it brought functionality within AB(easy of use) that was earlier done via OLE of AB.

Maybe you can use your own scheduler and run all the AA from it the way you want using OLE.
There is an example in above link.

Also consider that Tomasz suggested combining multiple scans into one AA if it is possible in another thread you started.

Batch is for sequential processing. Batch is not solving my problem.

Can you suggest, how to combine multiple scan in one AA? Rgds

Hi @Tomasz, can you please provide your expert views,

How can we start real time scanning at a particular fix time . For example: if I want to start real time scan on 1 minute charts and scan run every one minute then how can I start scan exactly 9:00:00 am so that next AR repeat can be 9:01:00 and so on.
I tried many ways using ole etc, but could not find solution.

Mr Puneet, i do not know your background but I have come across such topics in my career and you need to know what a RTOS is

So in a few words, what you want cannot be guaranteed in Windows OS ( I am guessing that is what you use ) so you need to start thinking in terms of approximation and factor that in what you want to achieve.

I have read you have many AA windows like 20 or 30, so to time all of them to start at the same time and repeat exactly at the same time would be a work of genius to accomplish.

kindly share in more detail what you have tried so one or many may be able to help according to your skill level.

not to mention the kind of hardware that would also be required to achieve such simultaneous thread execution.

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