Hello guys, I use batch to extract data from my Oracle ODBC, but I don't know,
How AllAssets.OraclePython file in AmiBroker retrieve data?

Hello ahm.montaser,

there are many options to import quote-records (ASCII) to Amibroker.

  1. I understand you export your quotes from Oracle DB into ASCII file
  2. Create a new Amibroker Database (local database), it will be empty ...
  3. Use [ File ] - Import Wizard...
  4. Alternate : You already created a format definition, use [ File ] - Import ASCII...
  5. Alternate : Use Windows Scripting Host and OLE or AB Batch to import your data

  1. Do research in this forum

  1. Study how format file is defined

  1. You will find every information in AB documentation, page 105 ff., 465 ff.

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