Allow Mixed EOD/Intraday Data

I need a little help desperately.

I have EOD set up as a local database and then I have Intraday live Feed which comes as Tick from a Plugin.

In Intraday Settings I have checked Allow Mixed EOD/Intraday data but it does not show up the I expect this to show. When I switch to Intraday it only shows me for last 10 days. In Quotations Editor it does now show me EOD values at all. When I need to look at past 2 weeks or more Daily Charts I always have to switch from Plugin Data to Local Data.

Can someone help me to fix this Mixed EOD/Intraday Setting.

Help Much appreciated !!

I use 5 datafeed in 1 AB, EOD from cvs import Asci, from Amiquate and Intraday from plugins. No problem and run smoothly, every time you change the datafeed. Using Recent Databases, it's very easy. I hope this helps. Thanks

Mixed EOD/Intraday does not mix data. It allows for data providers that give long backfill or EOD data with less intraday.

Data gets stitched together. So you have EOD, then your intraday data, left to right. Now Daily bars that fall on the intraday section are made by compressing the intraday data based off your exchange/market hours settings.

If you keep pulling data manually into local database and switching to live tick data back and forth, things are going on to get corrupt.

Pull your EOD in manually as local database. Turn the live data on and forget about it.

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