Alternative editor with tools

I have been using AmiBroker and have coded AFL for a while now, although I still consider myself a newbie, I am becoming more proficient.

Recently, as a result of work I have been getting back in to developing code and have been using new coding tools such a free editor called Visual Studio (VS) code, GIT for version control and lint for cleaning/formatting code amongst other tools.

Given that I would like to ultimately have a library of coded AFL systems, I would be developing these systems and I believe that there are external tools available which can assist in improving productivity such as those mentioned above.

I understand that AB does includes a very good IDE (for AFL) however was wondering if there was a simple way of using an external editor/IDE such as VS so that I can also incorporate other useful tools/extensions like GIT and Lint.
Given that AFL is C/C## based, VS already recognises the syntax automatically however it not aware of the libraries and specific AFL semantics. Would anyone be able to provide any suggestion if an external editor like VS could be used in a way that it recognises AFL functions and semantics.



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VS does not recognize AFL and does not have features that AmiBroker 's built in Formula Editor has with regards to AFL.

AmiBroker's built in editor has

  • automatic prettify ("lint")
  • debugger
  • AFL syntax highlighting
  • AFL in-line error reporting
  • auto-complete
  • code snippets
  • parameter tooltips
  • auto Chart sync (Insert/Apply to)
  • auto Analysis sync
  • automatic highlighting/param tooltips for 3rd party PLUGIN supplied functions

and much much more. You can use third party source control with it if you wish. When it comes to AFL editing, nothing comes close.

So just use it instead of looking for inferior solutions.