Ami Database Binary File Format.


I am exporting 1-min candle data using Exploration, which takes care of many things such as missing backfill, incremental export from given time etc.

However, to make it faster, is there a documentation for binary database file format, so that I can have that directly read? I looked into "Understanding AmiBroker database concepts" but file format is not given. As the data vendor is placing data well, somewhere this must be documented, but not finding it on Forum. I know, reading directly mean other issues to manage such as access violation (as Ami also will be reading it), but still, would like to know the database file format, the way vendor is copying it into database.

Any clue will be very useful.

Thanks a lot in advance for your time.


No, the format is proprietary and it changes. The changes in the format are handled in transparent way, i.e. when things are changed AmiBroker knows how to read older format and does not bother user with any conversion.
Publishing date format specification would create problems as I won't be able to change the format without breaking other people code that was relying on specific binary layout.
For this reason, you should use text format that is past/future proof.

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OK perfect. Np.

Thanks Tomasz for quick reply.



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