AmiBossa 1.1 downloader released

A new version 1.1 of dedicated downloader for Warsaw Stock Exchange is released:

<< link removed due to breaking changes, see new version below >>

VERSION 1.1 CHANGES as compared to 1.0

  1. due to breaking changes at BOS web page (removal of monthly files) the program has been updated to amend the problem

The program downloads data for ALL symbols from Warsaw Stock Exchange at once and updates currently opened database in AmiBroker.


Make sure that you open CORRECT database (that you wish to update) prior to starting download.

This program does not require any special installation (can be directly run from any writable folder). It will create temporary folder "TempData" for data downloads under current working directory. Downloaded files are deleted after import.

The program requires AmiQuote license to work. It detects if AmiQuote is installed and licensed. If it can't find it, it won't work.

It is 32-bit program which means that:

  • it import into 32-bit version of AmiBroker if it is the only one installed
  • it import into 64-bit version of AmiBroker if it is the only one installed
  • it import ONLY into 32-bit version if BOTH 32-bit and 64-bit versions of AmiBroker are installed.

This is due to the way how OLE works (see:

NOTE: Make sure you choose correct (preferably empty) database because program will import data to the database that is open in AmiBroker.


There is a NEW VERSION that you need to use due to BOSSA web page changes: