AmiBroker 6.35 - crash on start-up

I normally use Norgate data in AB but have tried to configure the software with a new database linked to Interactive Brokers for a limited number of US stocks.

AB now presents the error message (see below) every time I run it now so I cannot force it back to my Australian Norgate data as it crashes every time I start AB.

Error message which has been auto forwarded back to AB via email reads in part:
Type: CSysException
Code: c0000005

Can anyone assist with a suggested fix please?

Delete the database folder that causes problem. That's all. Next time it starts it will ask you for database to load.

Then to change default database that gets loaded at startup, please go to Tools->Preferences,
"Data" tab and press "Pick..." to select default database folder.

Alternatively, if you just want to make currently loaded database the default one, just press "Current" button.

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