AmiBroker 6.40.0 RC released

A new release candidate version (6.40.0) of AmiBroker is available now.


32-bit version:
(10 358 880 bytes)

64-bit version:
(10 971 504 bytes)


DevLog announcement: -to be posted later-

For the details see ReadMe.html and ReleaseNotes.html inside AmiBroker folder.


This version is a free upgrade only for users who registered AmiBroker after August 24, 2019 . Users who registered earlier, would need to purchase license upgrade. To find out the version you currently have use Account Information page at


  • new experimental QuickGFX rendering technology providing 10x...100x performance improvement as compared to Windows GDI
  • new Javascript engines with JSON native object support and improved performance
  • 10x performance improvement in Data Purify tool
  • lots of fixes & improvements

CHANGES FOR VERSION 6.40.0 (as compared to 6.39.1)

  • Charts: added experimental QuickGFX direct rendering technology. QuickGFX completely bypasses Windows GDI and offers amazing 10x-100x performance gain as compared to GDI rendering
  • AFL: New Javascript engine from MS EDGE called "Chakra" added. Use EnableScript("chakra") to enable it
  • AFL: Default Javascript engine upgraded to jscript9.dll - featuring native JSON object
  • AFL Editor: added "MOD" indicator in the status bar to indicator current formula was modified
  • AFL: variable period Sum() produces 0 instead of Null if range argument is 0 (or negative)
  • AFL: variable period Sum(), MA(), StDev() could produce incorrect results when 'range' parameter fluctuated between 0 and 1 only. Fixed
  • Analysis / Parameter dialog / ParamDate - after "reset all" it kept previously selected date and default was used only after reopening param window again. Fixed
  • Charts: BarCount is now included in "Chart timing" information
  • Copy/Paste from list view does not have trailing tab in the header line anymore
  • Data: Split feature: auto-suggested split ratio X:Y now uses X, Y <= 10 (previously it was X, Y <= 5)
  • If parser expression stack is exhausted Error 73: Internal parser error: memory exhausted is displayed
  • Plugin interface: SetCategoryName now prevents setting too long names (>=40) for groups/markets/sectors that could previously result in DB corruption
  • Tools->Database Purify is now >10x faster (in case of many reported errors even 100x faster than before)
  • UI: added ability to switch on/off data tips via customizable keyboard shortcut (Tools->Customize, Keyboard) View->Options->Data Tips
  • UI: added extra refresh for docking panes when they are expanded from the floating state

For list of changes in the previous version 6.39.1 see:AmiBroker 6.39.1 RC released


If you get Microsoft "SmartScreen" because the file is signed with new certificate, follow these steps:


and then just clicking "Run anyway"


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very cool - really looking forward to this

Any QuickGFX reports should go there: QuickGFX feature feedback

Looks like Microsoft whitelisted these files today and according to my quick tests there should be no more SmartScreen warnings on this download.


Greetings @Tomasz for the New Major Version.

I hope I have not missed in between any important information regarding the Expected OLE Stock.Adjust function as discussed in:

"The OLE Stock.Adjust function will be present in next version."

I will be very much obliged, if you please guide if the feature has been implemented in this release.

With Regards

Sanjiv Bansal

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This version (6.40.0) is release candidate, there were some obstacles and Stock.Adjust isn't available yet, but it will be in the final release (6.40.x). I don't know what 'x' would be because that depends on feedback.

Also most likely it will be Quotations.Adjust rather than Stock.Adjust

UPDATE: I have implemented it right now in the development version (6.40.1)

Quotations object, new method

long Adjust(BSTR pszFieldList, float fMultiplier, float fOffset, DATE dDateTime, boolean bBefore);


When trying to install the new version, the installer does not offer to select "Upgrade Installation".
The installer recognized that the target folder "C:\Program Files\AmiBroker" already exists, but when I confirm to install to that folder anyway the following dialog "Choose setup type" does not include the option "Upgrade Installation" in the drop-down menu, only "Full Installation" is available.
Operating System is Windows 10 64-bit release 21H1. AmiBroker installer is 64-bit version.
Any idea how to solve this issue and perform upgrade installation?

You probably tried different bitness version. You might have installed 32-bit previously.
Installer only allows to upgrade the same bitness version.
Anyway, don't worry. The difference between upgrade and full install is just installation
of default "Data" (demo) database, so you can just run full install and everything will work fine (your files will be kept). You might backup "Data" folder if you wish to keep old content.


Tomasz, thanks for your quick feedback. Installed version is 64-bit.
I follwed your advice to perform full installation.

New version released AmiBroker 6.40.2 released