AmiBroker 6.40.2 released

Can't pin it down to any specific metric (Gpu,cpu,memory), anecdotally, before the upgrade it was heaps laggier. (and it's the only thing thats changed in 2 weeks on the pc)
I usually ran with this 3 window layout (attached), and if i wanted to do anything else on the computer, like start up Spyder/Anconda, I would have to maximize the 5min window so it was the only one showing then the load factor would drop by half.
Otherwise everything was just heaps slower. that's how i noticed it really, other apps weren't freezing anymore when i forgot to maximize.
As it is right now the load factor for me has gone from averaging 280 in the background, to about 200/220 now.


If load factor drops, it means that CPU load is decreased. Did you enable QuickGFX?

I also noticed that you have 10 million bars per symbol. That is rather large. You would significantly get much better performance if you set 1 million bars, see Performance tuning tips especially because you don't use that much data (scroll bar shows that you are zoomed in to less than 10% of history you have).

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