AmiBroker 6.41.0 BETA released

A new BETA version (6.41.0) of AmiBroker is available now.


32-bit version:
(10 417 056 bytes)

64-bit version:
(11 032 344 bytes)


DevLog announcement: -to be posted later-

For the details see ReadMe.html and ReleaseNotes.html inside AmiBroker folder.


This version is a free upgrade only for users who registered AmiBroker after August 5, 2020 . Users who registered earlier, would need to purchase license upgrade. To find out the version you currently have use Account Information page at

CHANGES FOR VERSION 6.41.0 (as compared to 6.40.4)

  1. 64-bit version compiled now with new Visual Studio 2022
  2. New Analysis: Exploration now supports "Show current trade arrows" command
  3. QuickGFX: styleDots did not get bigger when width/thickness param is increased. Fixed.
  4. QuickGFX: solid rectangle fill speeded upto 3x on larger areas
  5. AFL Editor: When errors are detected the "Explain" button is added to the caption bar that displays help page with error explanation. Subsequent presses to "Explain" button move to next error message
  6. AFL: added support for Python-style raw strings. Raw strings use letter r before double or single quote and don't perform espace sequence transformations, so you don't need to use \ in paths if you use raw string: r"raw\string\syntax" or r'raw\string\sy
  7. AFL: GfxDrawImage function, if underlying Windows LoadImage fails to load BMP file, the Windows last error code is printed to system debugger (DebugView)
  8. ASCII import: duplicate lines in very large files caused unusual slow down, now duplicate lines are detected and removed early, improving import time in such unusual cases.
  9. Easy alerts now display comment field content in Alert Output window
  10. Report: Parameters in the report are now listed in alphabetically sorted order
  11. UI: a message box is displayed when system returns from Sleep/Hibernation while being connected to RT plugin to make user aware NOT to use sleep while collecting real time data
  12. UI: added "Start Page" that provides basic new user orientation, news and updates and links to open new charts, analysis, formulas, and other windows
  13. UI: custom tools menu (Tools->Customize, "Tools" tab) allows now to run batches via #runbatch command. To run a batch, use #runbatch in "Command" field, and full path to batch (.abb) file in Arguments field
  14. UI: custom tools menu command arguments now support special token {symbol} that gets replaced with currently selected symbol. This is to allow triggering for example AmiQuote downloads for current symbol only
  15. Zoom and tab order stored in layout could be ignored when number of MDI windows was too large. Fixed

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@Tomasz Thank you for the amazing tool, support, and continued development efforts!


Thank you for the update Mr.Tomasz, very helpful and easy to use.

There is a menu > Start Page : Welcome to AmiBroker - advanced technical analysis platform :+1:

Amazing AB Update

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Comments regarding usefulness of "Start" page are welcome. Main questions are:

  1. Do you think that this page should be by default used when user clicks on "New Tab" (+) button or it should be like it is now (displayed on startup)
  2. What content would you like to see in "Start" page in addition to what is already available, news feed maybe, recent forum articles?
  3. Do you think that a general purpose "search" field should be included (similar to "google search" but focused on AmiBroker)
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Thanks for the latest release!

I think allocating development resources to the search field is not efficient unless you are confident you can do a better job than Google.

I'm too used to using the browser and Google. It is going to take something really good to take me off it.

I know you are good but I would rather you spend resources on developing features that are trader-focused, special to Amibroker and not already available out there.

You misunderstood. No one thinks about reinventing the wheel and doing search engine from the scratch but only about using existing services like Google to do specific searches, as practice shows that newbies don’t know how to effectively use Google and where to look for the answers

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If it doesn't take you too much time to develop this feature, go ahead if your market research tells you it's worth it.

I'm happy with browser and Google at the moment.

Hello TJ,
I would like to see recent forum articles - just fyi.

Thank you @Tomasz , with this release AB remembers the location parameter windows between sessions.

Is it a question or statement?

It is a thank you for implementing what I had previously asked for.

@Tomasz, has the functionality of the "sync chart on select" changed? It used to sync the active chart window, but it seems to behave differently in 6.41.0. Now it seems that if the exploration is in a normal window, it syncs the active chart, but if the exploration is in a floating window, it syncs to the first floating window, even if it is not the active one.

@Tomasz , Kindly consider the below function.

  1. Database Time shift in Minutes also ,currently it is accept only hours.
  2. Control the Max Open position for the live Trading

It would sync to Last active chart window.

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@Tomasz, I still thank you for all you have done. However, it seems I was mistaken and AB does not remember the location of parameter window between sessions.

If using floating windows, the exploration doesn't sync to the last active chart, but only to the last active floating chart window. I believe in the prior release, it did sync to the last active window, regardless of whether it was floating or normal.

I don't believe that I touched anything regarding chart sync, but will check.