AmiBroker 6.90.1 Official Release

A new official release version (6.90.1) of AmiBroker is available now.


32-bit version:

64-bit version:


Documented in What's new in AmiBroker 6.90


For the details see ReadMe.html and ReleaseNotes.html inside AmiBroker folder, F1 help, as well as in the on-line guide AmiBroker 6.90 User's Guide


This version is a free upgrade only for users who registered AmiBroker after July 1, 2022 . Users who registered earlier, would need to purchase license upgrade. To find out the version you currently have use Account Information page at

CHANGES FOR VERSION 6.90.1 (as compared to 6.90.0)

  1. Registry key changed back to previously used HKCU\Software\TJP\Broker
  2. Report Explorer command line handling fixed

CHANGES FOR VERSION 6.90.0 (as compared to 6.49.1)

  1. AFL Editor: now extended function description is displayed in parameter tooltips for all AFL functions
  2. AFL: All Gui* control functions added extra 'style' parameter
  3. AFL: renamed Map() to MapCreate() to avoid conflicts with existing code using 'map' word as variable identifier, and added alias MxCreate to Matrix for consistency
  4. AFL: SetOption - added yet another protection against passing absurd values in AFL for AccountMargin (outside 1..100)
  5. AFL: SparseInterpolate function added to interpolate values between sparse points given as input
  6. AmiQuote - when UserDataSources.xml config file is not found in the current working directory, change CWD to the directory where Quote.exe is located
  7. Charts: an error is displayed when user has zoomed in / scrolled into blank (no quote) area so there are no data to display
  8. Charts: Removed data access from non-GUI thread in DrawStockCustom()
  9. Charts: when pressing "END" key blank bars are only added upto the point where at least 1 data point is visible on chart
  10. Filter dialog: added a "Clear All" button to Clear BOTH Include and Exclude pages in one click
  11. New Analysis: Exploration: Removed limit of column text length in AddTextColumn
  12. New Analysis: Filter dialog would show categories that were assigned BLANK names (or no name at all as) "" to make sure that users don't assume that selecting empty name is the same as pressing clear button. It isn't
  13. NewAnalysis: changed notice when "Apply to" filtering was too strict so no symbol matched to instruct user to switch to "All symbols" or change the filter
  14. NewAnalysis: Individual optimization crashed when GenerateReports was turned on. Fixed.
  15. NewAnalysis: Removed data access from non-GUI thread in SetupParser in GetNumberOfQuotations
  16. NewAnalysis: sharing violation could occur on attempt to write shared results.rlst file when doing Individual optimization with GenerateReports. Fixed.
  17. NewAnalysis: since AmiBroker in individual optimization mode is fast enough to produce dozens of reports in single millisecond a timestamp for report folder needed to use more resolution than 1ms. Fixed using unique counter. Now folder has YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS
  18. NewAnalysis: when user turned on 'Pad and Align" but reference symbol does not exist in current database, an Error 76 is displayed.
    Regression in 6.49.1 - formulas with lots of AddToComposites could run slower, now changed idle processing so queue is emptied faster
  19. ReportExplorer: file re-reads/refreshes are 10x faster now
  20. ReportExplorer: in case of file sharing violation due to intermittient update of file by the other process, the message is quietly displayed in the status bar instead of modal blocking dialog box
  21. ReportExplorer: now uses hyper-fast list view implementation borrowed from AmiBroker. Results in 20x display performance improvement
  22. UI: Changed the way how "Start page" is displayed in the absence of other MDI windows to prevent opening more than one on loading layout
  23. UI: Filter dialog now provides instructions to press Clear to start over if filtering resulted in no symbols meeting selected criteria
  24. UI: Fixed crash when user attempted to make "Start page" floating
  25. UI: regression Log window did not show runtime errors from charts in 6.49.1. Fixed
  26. UI: Symbol bar, a context menu key on the keyboard (VK_APPS) brings up context menu (in addition to right click)
  27. UI: Symbol/Category view and Category dialog do not allow to set category names to empty (blank) - it will revert to default name if user attempted to remove name completely
  28. When weekly time compression was used, "MonthlyWeeklyUseAlwaysLastTradingDay" mode was used, Monday was not a trading day, and only Tuesday was present, then weekly bar had Monday timestamp instead of Tuesday. Fixed.

Previous version AmiBroker 6.90.0 Official Release


Strnage! Daily charts do not switch to Weekly or Monthly. Daily button stays locked. True of both 9.49 and 6.90.1 release. Lots of recent Win 11 releases. possibly interferring. Is there settig that may be limiting this display?

Strange. Ctl W nor Edit menu will change the display period, D, W, M.

Check that you don't have 'Interval lock' on?



HaHa. That was it! Thank you.

i noticed in the editor (I use default settings) that often when I am typing the textbox pops up and it just stops typing. I have to go with my mouse to the canvas (so that the textbox disappears) to continue typing.

On the one hand I find it handy that the textbox appears but sometimes I am typing and not looking only to find out I did not type anything or that I stopped typing a while ago. Since when I type I usually look at the keyboard. I wonder if I am doing something wrong or this is intended.

I do not really want to turn off the textbox popup but at the same time I would like it to continue typing.

Am I doing something wrong?

I am not sure exactly what "text popup" you mean (autocomplete or parameter information)

Editor operation did NOT change since previous versions. The only thing that this new version is just longer text in the parameter window, so instead of just one line there are extra information bits, but text length does NOT affect how it works and it works exactly how it worked before. It is never blocking keyboard input.

If you notice sudden stopping of keyboard entry, I would first check the battery in your keyboard if you are using wireless keyboard, maybe the culprit is somewhere else than you think.

hi, no I use a wired keyboard. Strange that this has not been noticed before. It sometimes does this. It is weird I just tried to make an example GIF and then it doesn't do it. I will try to make a little video to show the behavior.

But as an example. I have the editor window maxed out. Then I type Plot( then the textbox pops up, see image. And I am stuck. I need to go to the editor with my mouse.

So the code I was typing. See below. I wanted to type Plot( x["C"] but when I type Plot( it stops when the textbox appears.

Note: it does not always do this. Maybe someone else can confirm this issue?

And yes this is not new for me. It was also so with Amibroker version 6.4

x = MapCreate();
x["O"] = O;
x["H"] = H;
x["L"] = L;
x["C"] = C;


_TRACE( "x: " + x );

so the example GIF is here. At Plot( it stops typing and I need to click the canvas/screen with my mouse. Not always this happens but sometimes. I hope someone else can confirm. This also was the case in earlier versions of Amibroker


The editor component used is Scintilla ( It is used in so many places and in hundreds of applications that I really doubt if there is anything wrong with it. You can check if you have same behavior with Scintilla (but I don't know if they have implemented parameter tips in SciTE Download (Scintilla)

ok thank you. I will check it out. if I am the only one the problem is on my side. I use a gaming keyboard (Corsair) because it has LED lights behind every key. I will check it out. But if I am the only one then the problem is on my side. If anyone has the same issue please let me know

Hi there,

I experienced the exact same problem! So I unselected the option -> Preferences, Editor and Parameter Info. that was a couple of days ago. I just now enabled it again and now the problem is gone.



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thank you. Yes sometimes it is gone and sometimes it reappears. I was just playing with it and scrolled the text further down so that the textbox appears in a different location. Not sure if it is caused by the location of where the textbox (calltip) is drawn. Just try typing Plot( and then sometimes it just stops typing. Sometimes not. It must have something to do with the location of calltip imo. although sometimes when I scroll the editor so that the calltip appears elsewhere is also gives a problem and sometimes not :slight_smile: I can't point to something reproducible. Just have to try and type Plot( at different places. At some point you will see the problem appear

As I wrote, the editing component is open source Scintilla, it has open bug list here:

There are hundreds of contributors to Scintilla code base, see: developer list

while I am the only one working on AmiBroker. If you find erratic behavior with Scintilla please report to Scintilla developers, as I need to focus on AmiBroker, since I am alone, without help of hundreds of people.

ok thank you. I will search if this problem has been reported on

Also, for the record, AmiBroker started to use Scintilla editing component back in version 5.75, see excerpt from release notes:

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.75.0 (as compared to 5.74.0)

  • Completely new AFL Editor, integrated with MDI structure with many new features

It was year 2014.

No-one ever complained about parameter tooltips since 2014. Maybe, as you say, the component has trouble with longer text, as this is pretty much the only thing that changed (as parameter tips now hold more information), but if you say you saw that earlier, you should also see that back in 2014.

A new official version is released now: