Amibroker analysis for RAM disc database

Thought of doing this…

Create a database in the hard disc. For use, copy it into a RAM disc ( I have 16 GB RAM, out of which I carved out ram disc of 4 GB). As the database can fit into 4GB, I can use it from the RAM disc itself. Extra work would be to copy it back to the harddisc at the end of a session.

Do you think amibroker analysis can become faster?


Do you really think that Microsoft programmers are that clueless, so they don’t know that they should cache data in RAM?
FYI: Windows caches all recently used files in RAM by itself since circa 1995

And do you also think that we @amibroker are clueless too not to use caching ? FYI: AB has in-memory cache too that keeps recently used data in RAM also since 1995, i.e AmiBroker version 1.0 (now configurable in Tools->Preferences, “Data” tab), once data are in the cache it won’t touch the disk (if cache size is large enough to keep all data).

The only thing that you will “achieve” by “RAM DISK” is limiting the amount of RAM available to applications and OS to do its own caching, better than your RAM disk can.

The only thing you can do realistically to speed up data access is to configure your antivirus NOT to check data files. Antiviruses are so bad that they slow down every file operation by half.


Thanks for the link.

I run just amibroker (less than 100 symbols) and a trading platform. I am
noticing Page swaps although I have 12 GB of RAM but memory usage is not
100%. (core i5 6500, 16 GB DDR4, SSD +4GB configured as RAM disk (not
getting used). Not sure what could be happening…


Swap file is being accessed ALWAYS in Windows by nature of virtual memory operating system. This is going to happen even if you had 256GB of RAM. But this does not mean that it “swaps”. Accessing swap file is not the same as swapping. Windows manages swap file always. Really it is not part of AmiBroker support to educate people about how Windows works. Google for virtual memory windows and you will find hundreds of materials, like this:

David Schwarz reply is really good and worth reading and especially the words:

“The people who designed your operating system’s behavior are not fools. Having a paging file gives the operating system more choices, and it won’t make bad ones.”

Should be well noted by users. Generally speaking programmers are not fools and their design choices are not random accidents without reason.1

1Although there are some exceptions to this rule

I understand. I am on 6.10 standard edition of ami. I notice that
amibroker ui response becomes slow at times and mouse movements become non
real time and has jittery motions. So, trying to see how (and if) to make
the experience better.

In my system, I run 2 instances of amibroker. and 5 charts. Most of the
time I see that CPU load is hardly any but responsiveness to mouse is bad.
Not sure how to go about it.

Mouse is handled entirely BY THE OPERATING SYSTEM. It has nothing to do with application. Even if application stops / crashes the MOUSE WORKS. It works without apps too.

If you have trouble with mouse movement - it is your computer problem either with hardware (mouse) or with mouse driver and/or with OS (like interrupt config conflict). Check your local hardware service.

I am closing this topic because we are NOT your hardware repair shop.