Amibroker and WinXP in future years

Since I use Windows XP and how no desire to use Windows 7, I’d like to know where Amibroker stands with Windows XP and the future. Will it continue to work with WinXP or are there plans to change it in ways that will render it incompatible?

As you might have noticed we supported even most ancient systems for long time after they were dropped by Microsoft (including Windows 95).
Support for Windows 95 was dropped in AmiBroker 6.08 (December 2015)
Support for Windows 98 and Millenium Edition was dropped in AmiBroker 6.16 (August 2016)

These moves were directed by the fact that those systems were not “full OSes”, their relied on legacy DOS and missed some APIS required for multi-threading.

But old systems using Windows NT kernel like Windows 2000, XP have these necessary APIs and continue to work.

We use two compilers for AmiBroker: Visual C++ 6.0 to produce 32-bit code compatible with most ancient versions of Windows and Visual C++ 2017 to produce 64-bit code - this one supports only newer OSes. So 64-bit AmiBroker is only compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

32-bit AmiBroker as long as it is compiled with VC6.0 will remain compatible with old Windows including XP. We will surely support Windows XP upto year 2020.

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Thanks, that was the answer I was hoping for. You stand alone, most of the programs I have are dropping WinXP with little concern for their customers who dislike the newer OS’s.

Another question, I don’t think I saw TD Ameritrade on your list of data sources. Do you have plans to add it? It’s an inexpensive/free data source for their customers and a very inexpensive Level 2 source also.