Amibroker Chart is showing Buy/Sell signals for a Weekly chart only

hi there, for years i've been using my Amibroker's formula on a weekly timescale. the timescale is not defined within the formula, only on the backtester settings ("weekly"). on the chart window i choose "weekly". on my formula i use "plotshapes" code to create buy/sell signals.
everything works just fine.
Now, i tried to use backtest the same formula on a daily basis. i've changed the backtester settings to "daily", and the chart to "daily" as well.
in the backtesting, i get buy /sell signals on a daily basis, as wanted.
however, on the chart window, NO BUY OR SELL SIGNALS APPEAR.
i tried to see if there is anything in my formula that makes the weekly view "default" or otherwise prevents Amibroker from showing me daily (or for that matter, monthly) buy/sell signals, but i could not find any.
Could anyone Please Help???

Anybody, Please??? Thanks in advance!

Why are you yelling (all capital letters)! It's against forum rules to use all capital letters like that.

If you want help with your issue then you need to post your full code.