AmiBroker closes Itself


I suddenly can not open my Amibroker. When I double click on Amibroker icon, it is loading and then close itself. Can someone please tell me how to fix it?

When I checked broker.log file, it seems to end at Loading database (LoadMarketData).


Not really sure why, but it seems it is okay now. I deleted 3 files in my data folder:

  • broker.master
  • broker.workspace
    and then Amibroker is working again.

If AmiBroker hangs or crashes on startup it may mean corrupted layout file.

Please try the following:

  1. rename default database directory and try to run AmiBroker, if it works it means that some files inside this database are corrupted. In that case it is best to create new database and use it instead of corrupted one.

  2. delete or rename all DEFAULT.AWL files that you can find on your disk and try to run AmiBroker. (.AWL files are created inside "Layouts" subfolder of main AmiBroker database and "Layout" subfolders of each database directory
    rename broker.charts and broker.bcharts files (in AmiBroker directory) and try to run AmiBroker

  3. rename default.layout file (in AmiBroker directory) and try to run AmiBroker

More troubleshooting solutions:

Hi Tomasz

Thank you for the explanation and the link. It works after I deleted 3 files I mentioned above. I guess I also need to make a new database now.


If you have a backup with those three files, would it be OK to copy the backup version onto the place were those three files are normally located?

Can this be cone by merely overwriting these files.

I noted that these three files appear in both the Program and Program x86 files and the date codes on the two versions are different.

Which do I want to delete and rebuild?

My system is Windows 10 on a Dell Inspiron 15 system.

These are folders for 32-bit version (Program Files (x86)/AmiBroker) and 64-bit version (Program Files/AmiBroker). Data files are interchangeable between 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

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I do not understand what is involved in rebuilding as mentioned in several of the cited references. Will i be losing the pile of indicators I have built.
How complicated is the task?

Also , a previous question I asked if overlaying previous backup copies of my files would be an alternative?

You won't lose anything. Files and their function is described in the manual

You can just copy files from backup, and it just works, there is no magic. What is important is to know that Formulas, Layouts and broker.newcharts are all interconnected (reference each other) so you just need to copy them all at once.

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