Amibroker connect datafeed eSignal

Hello at all
I have connected Amibroker with eSignal data but
the intraday charts are different to those of eSignal
and I see the bars even when the US market is closed
I have the Vps in New York but I work from Europe
can you help me thanks

eSignal plugin (as any other plugin) TRANSPARENTLY passes data from eSignal to AmiBroker, so the data are identical. You might see the difference is your DISPLAY settings in both applications are different so that:

  • filtering is turned on so only some data are displayed
  • session start/end is differently defined

Generally your question does not provide all necessary details to give you an answer. Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question

thanks Tomasz
I try to insert the photos 1.... I do not understand I am not very expert in the setting

thanks for the help

Pics 2

Currently you are comparing apples to oranges. Everything on those two screenshots is different.

If you want to compare anything you have to display:

  • same chart type (BARS only nothing else)
  • same interval
  • same start/end (X axis)
  • same window width/height
  • REMOVE all clutter
  • same session start/end
  • same time zone / timeshift setting
  • same filtering (apparently you show only day session in eSignal and 24-hours in AB)
  • turn off alignment to "day session start" because eSignal does not offer that

In other words, EVERY setting must be the same.

Start with display of 1-minute bars. Make sure that you have that the same.

And above all: READ THE MANUAL