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Dear Tomasz

Are there any future plans to have a Dark Themed UI at application level?

  1. Charts
    I use the Dark Charts but most of the times that's just 50% of the scfreen with other tiles running exploration.

  2. Other windows
    I've used dark background color for the analysis results but still a lot of bright patches when there are few results in exploration etc.

  3. The steel bluish tint helps the eyes in the menu

Background in special windows like symbols, alert output, blank rows of exploration/scanner, log etc still have a very bright white color.
Even an option for the light gray/blue would suffice :slight_smile: that way UI would be similar to current menu with black on light blue.

Didn't find a feature section, so tagged it to UI.


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Amibroker already has its own theming see Tools-Customize where you can choose from several themes and it works on all Windows versions, not only on Win10 like Microsofts recent "innovation". Contrary to MSFT I do support Windows XP and Win 7/8.

AmiBroker has separate settings for
Chart themes
(including black one)

and UI themes:

Including blue-gray "Visual Studio 2010" theme.


Thanks for the reply.

As mentioned in my post, I already use Dark charts, and use back color for analysis but there many windows which have the bright white part.
I had also cycle through various customize > appearance options but all still yield the same white back.
That maybe because theme itself is inherited from OS or particular windows product theme.

see the picture and arrows that I marked.

Only for analysis, if I use exploration, I write AFL output with dark backcolor but it will be limited only to rows with output.

Picture 1: white spaces

Picture 2: My Afl to minimize white


Dialogs and Controls use System colors and are actually rendered totally by OS. Change to high contrast dark theme in Control panel and you will see. Dark ui as always in MSFT case breaks the rules does not follow System colors and is win10 only and only Windows store aka Metro apps while AmiBroker is a desktop app and we support much older oses.

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Yes, thank you. Don't want to digress too much from my original question,
hence, please do keep in mind for future releases if this an be achieved easily.

PS: A Theme Independent of windows, they've always had a tough time at office :smiley:
I've been tracking their dark theme a lot, their Win10 Major OCT release seems to be coming with a dark theme for File explorer which I tried in the insider preview. still buggy though.

I'd wait and see how AB works post their true dark theme upgrades from MS if it works.


Another eye soothing option that I found suitable is Windows 10 built-in Night Light feature.

Advantage is the ability to set the Warmth (Red tinge) and cut the bright white.
For other OS's with non-native support, IRIS is a good alternative.

It would be nice to have the dark theme for the overall window rather than just for the list or the chart theme. Is this something that is possible or already planned for in future releases? Turning on "high contract" in windows is not really the best solution in my opinion.

Generally AmiBroker is fully customizable way beyond binary "black" and "white" (which is stupid selection from MS side).
What Microsoft pitches as "dark theme" was NOT supported for desktop (classic) apps for years. It was ONLY for "METRO" (Windows Store) apps that are so unpopular and so bad that noone cares about them.
Only recently Microsoft has added "dark theme" to one and only desktop app of its own - Windows EXPLORER. And they did that using new undocumented functions that are not present don't work on older versions of Windows 10, not to mention Windows 8.1, 8, 7, XP and others that AmiBroker supports.
So no, we don't use Microsoft nonsense.

But since I already rewritten something like 1/4 of OS because of its quirks, you can make AmiBroker DARK without the use of MS nonsense and it works across ALL systems:

  1. turn on Visual Studio 2010 theme (it is default and it is dark already)
  2. turn on dark theme on LIST VIEWS (must use version 6.35 for that)
  3. Use Black Charts theme:
  4. Use DARK colors for AFL Editor
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