Amibroker database on google drive "cloud"

Can we use google drive for database creation, so one can have one single database & watch lists + favourites, specially useful to whom having multiple computers


Any kind of "cloud" disk is not well suited for high-speed high-performance databases like AmiBroker simply because those "clouds" are slow.


Thanks @Tomasz Tomasz,
But can we use the same for Backup of database. I can have the sync on so if I save the database on my PC and then use the same in my laptop

Thanks Tomasz and understood.

Basically, theoretically, it can be done but speed is too slow. How about data folder saved in the local server, a viable solution?

Local server is accessible with LAN speed, which in case of Gigaethernet can be 1Gbps, which translates to about 100MB/sec which is comparable with speed of hard drives (HDD), so this should not give you problems.