Amibroker Experience of a New User

@Tomasz . I purchased amibroker in May 2019. I was using (still do but on a lesser extent) Advanced Get with esignal. Last two months I had programmed as much as I wanted (not required). Everyday when I had a doubt or got stuck and wanted to post query just for the sake of posting, and when searched I always found some answer for the query I had and all I had to do was modify tweak a little to my needs.

And most important I was able to convince my friend to purchase Amibroker too..

Excellent software. Unfortunately the trial version is being misused by few.

Thank you for thinking on behalf of all traders and incorporating nearly all their requirements.



Thank you, I really appreciate that.

Hii tomasz,

I am also big fan of Amibroker and this forum , I have raised many queries since last few years, all queries answered and received good suggestion from TomasZ, milos,fx ... so many members are ready to help.

This forum is encyclopedia now, any doubt just search this forum, you will get answers,I convinced many of my friends to purchase license showing lots of benefits and new amiquote with user defined data source.

Thank you for this great EXCELLENT affordable SOFTWARE.



Honestly dont know what i would do without Amibroker, you can tell Tomasz has had alot of experience and passion to create such a wonderful product at such a reasonable price. Due respect to him for providing a forum and such consistent support service aswell.


I am still fighting to learn Amibroker (AFL).
i know it is not hard . but in my age and the tasks in daily live.
i have studied metatrader ,trade navigator and metstok also i used some stock software.
i like Amibroker even though i can not code the advance code.

i test most of my indicator in excel sheet ( i write my formula in piece of paper).

i know i am from old timer.

i get to a point that from the chart i will predict the next movement for the stock.

reading the chart is art . some one in USA ( Lafayette , Louisiana ) taught me the way to read the chart (he was familiar with Japanese candles ( even though he did not knows the name of them just he knows the look of the candles and the pattern).he said to me most of indicators is lagging but some of them look to the future.
he was using the indicators in excel sheet. I named him chart man.
in 1997 was the first time I get involve with stock market (learning only)
first broker was E*TRADE
i wish from you Tomasz to add more indicator like auto Elliott wave indicator with ability's for client to recode it or modify it also the divergent for most of the indicator.
forum for Analysis the the stock market for world wide with multi language and only amibroker is the one using in discussion like trading view. you will find who will take care about the forum.
i hope one day in the near future we will see amibroker as web application ( as broker companies)

big change in amibroker since 2004 .now it is more advance but still hard for the old timer ( i talk about my self )

this link when i was with varengold-bank.

also with FX Solutions, LLC operates as an online foreign exchange brokerage company.
also ACM Advanced Currency Markets
all of them the trade against the client ( hard to win)
choosing the right broker is the first step.

Sorry, I'm bad at writing even in my native language

thank you

Web application? NO.

Web applications and subscription-based services are EVIL and really against customers.

Web application means that overnight you will LOSE everything if web page goes down, company goes out of business or is taken over or you have internet outage or company just comes to the conclusion to stop the service.
It might be good for Netflix (nobody would cry over losing access to some movies), but for anything serious, work-related, subscription based on-line service is big no-no.

With software running LOCALLY ON YOUR COMPUTER (as AmiBroker does), you OWN it and it will continue to WORK FOREVER, no matter what happens (as long as you have electricity and your computer runs)

AmiBroker continues to run fine REGARDLESS of presence of the Internet and does not require subscription payments.
This is HUGE advantage.