AmiBroker Exploration skipping stocks

I have a AFL code and based on it the exploration executes.

I noticed recently that there are few stocks which are skipped ad not shown in the exploration results.

By plotting the variable for Buy I see it becomes true at a instant (expect the exploration to detect it)

Can you please suggest what can be done to rectify the issue.

Is there something specific that I might be missing.

Can we run a debug mode or trace mode to detect why exploration skipped the stock.

SNAP1: HDFCBANK is not present in exploration
SNAP2: On Plotting the condition for buy it is true (CCIB_BO12=1)Snap_v4
Krishna Khanna


Welcome to the AmiBroker Community! Forgive me, your query is prtetty unclear.

What specifics you are looking for? The code image that you shared is for plotting charts. And then you say:

Even Nostradamus cannot answer that mate! :slight_smile:

May I also request you to please use the </> button when (or if) you post code(s) next time.

For basic solution to these kind of exploration related issues, please read this article and the user manual.

And also another post from this forum itself Some trades do not show up on portfolio backtest that are visible on chart and single stock backtest


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Thanks Lennon for your quick response.

Yes according to the code snippet it does print the level // That is correct

However when exploration runs it doesn't detect the same for the script and doesn't show the signal (though the code plots it)

You are testing my politeness. Far from reading, you did not even bother to open the links! :rage:

And please share the code if you want a soul to realize what is actually happening?

@krishnakhanna This topic has been discussed many times on this forum. Have you tried searching the forum (and the Internet) first?

Pay special attention to this article from AB Knowledge base:

Other users had similar problems:

etc ...

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