Amibroker Feature Request: Data From Broker API

Dear Tomasz
Please develop a free amibroker tool similar to TWS for data from Brokers API to Amibroker.
It will help a lot of people to save data cost and Buy amibroker for use.

I personally request for Indian brokers


Dear Tomasz
Is there any plan in near future ?

Such request is pointless, unless you actually name WHICH APIs exactly you mean. Developing and maintaining plugins is costly. It can't be done for free.

Zerodha is the India's Largest broker by Active client. Their API documention link is as below

Kite Connect 3 / API documentation

If you develop this plugin you can charge this as extra like Ami Quote pricing. Or Is it possible to extract data from Zerodha API to Ami Quote using custom data setup.

I seriously doubt it. Piracy levels in India don’t allow software to be developed solely for that market without paying upfront for the development cost.

India needs to stop pirating AmiBroker before investing significant time and effort to develop plugins solely for Indian market would be economically worthwhile


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