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I'm amazed that AmiBroker is the offer of one man who do all things by him self: programming, designing, marketing, web design, customer support, writing help materials, and maybe much more!

Yes AmiBroker was found before Google, FaceBook, Twitter and TradingView. which all now has hundreds or thousands of employees and billions in valuation. unlike AB which still thinks as a startup.

Tomasz is a very brilliant programmer, but i can't say the same thing about marketing. I can't believe there is no official Youtube channel for AB, and i don't see why AB don't get discounted for special events like every other platform.


Hi @Dan1 - with regards to "thinking as startup", well you need to keep in mind that you cannot compare Facebook/Twitter/Google (that provide mass product/service) to AmiBroker which is very niche product. Alternative way of thinking is selling company to one of bigger players. This thing happened to WealthLab and QuoteTracker. Both products were practically liquidated after acquisition. Do you think users appreciated it? I received some offers in the past and rejected them because I realised that the only reason for acquisition would be getting rid of competition and it would not be good for end-users. So after all, from end-user perspective it is not bad that AmiBroker is unique, small and personal unlike big corporations. Don't you get that nice feeling that you are important and get the answer from actual programmer who wrote that all? Would you receive the same treatment from big corporation?

As to remaining points

  1. we don't really need 3rd party like YouTube to host video files (mp4). Videos are hosted on server and are available there.

  2. AmiBroker Ultimate Pack is already discounted by 10% as compared to individual component prices. Current economic situation (inflation, raising taxes) would rather lead to price increase than anything else. The price alone is not really a factor for buying decision of software like AmiBroker. AmiBroker is relatively inexpensive already and does not really need extra discounts. You would pay much more in data fees if you use services like eSignal


I prefer to word it this way....Thanks again @Tomasz ! Fabulous work and it is very much appreciated!


Having tried a number of both individually and corporate designed charting programs over the past 40 years, there is nothing that comes near AmiBroker for what I wish to achieve.

I can set up charts, systems, backtests, and am only limited by my knowledge, how fantastic is that! I think the only feature I don't use is the Portfolio Manager.

It is an amazing product. Thankyou @Tomasz


Of course I agree with all that has been said above. Tomasz is a great programmer, AmiBroker is a great software (which is priced very reasonably). I only wish Tomasz had more staff to help and be able to focus on software development. A few years ago, new updates were released much more often - usually every 2-3 weeks. Currently we get an update every couple of months. I know that a new version is comming soon, but as I understand the main feature of it will be QuickGFX. AmiBroker is already blazingly fast, so for me this feature won't change that much.


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Not exactly. Amibroker is fast on older systems, but not on Windows 10+ at high resolutions (4K). QuickGFX is necessary.

Yes I saw your examples with 400K bars displayed on one chart. It never crossed my mind to display that many bars in one go. Your monitor has resolution 4K not 400K :wink: so for me it is unnecessary pushing the limits of AmiBroker ...

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I use Amibroker for autotrading with many systems. Believe me, good to see what's going on with them. And for that allows charts, a lot of charts :slightly_smiling_face: Looking only on the digits easily overlooking important situations.

What I meant was displaying 400K bars is highly ineffective. You are an experienced programmer, so you should be able to compress the data that you need and display only as many data points (candles, dots or whatever) that your monitor can display. But now it won't be necessary, because QuickGFX will take care of that, so I agree it will be helpful.

BTW you can also consider using a speech synthesis to be informed about important events. I highly recommend it. It's like having another person constantly monitoring and informing you about things that you don't want to miss, and you don't even have to look at the screen(s) to be updated!


As I wrote in QuickGFX feature feedback other softwares simply would NOT allow you to zoom out that far (1000x zoom out so one pixel represents 1000 bars). AmiBroker does not have limits on zoom out and allows such kind of extravaganza. And it is still blazing fast, considering amount of data that needs to process. We are limited by HARDWARE. AmiBroker throughput currently is just as fast as RAM speed goes (RAM is limiting factor once your data exceed CPU cache). There are hardware limits as to how fast you can read memory (RAM) and in 400K+ case we are actually limited by RAM speed and QuickGFX has nothing to do with that (QuickGFX makes drawing faster, but in 400K+ bar case limiting factor is actual data reading speed).


I honestly fear the day Tomasz is no longer with us! AMI will slowly decay as technology progresses and there will be no one else to work on it. Will I even be able to unlock my purchase after that time??

Stay healthy Tomasz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Yes, you will be able to continue to use AmiBroker because AmiBroker is desktop application, running fully local on your computer and is able to run off-line (even if you don't have any internet connection at all). All you need is to make backups from time to time


Oh cool, I didn't realize the keys were printable. I assumed it was something that required your server Tomasz. :+1:

Stay healthy anyways :grin: