AmiBroker Feedback Center, I can't see the ALL OPEN SUGGESTIONS


I go to the AB Feedback center. I want to file a couple of suggestions.

I try to use the SEARCH first. I find nothing.
I search for "data" that I do see that it exists. I see nothing.
I click on the "ALL OPEN SUGGESTIONS". I see nothing.

I tried to file a couple of suggestions regarding the debugger. No more suggestions are accepted. I do understand the backlog.

For what it's worth....

  1. An easy way to see the CALL STACK would be great feature for the debugger. I think it is pretty standard for many programming language debuggers. Something like this:

  2. TZ always says that the included files should me fully debugged, because the debugger does not work in the included files. Even so, I do want to step through the included files and see what is happening with the particular values passed from the higher level functions.