AmiBroker Format File Used for Tiingo

My AmiBroker has 3 format files in the format directory that have Tiingo in the header lines. How does AmiBroker and AmiQuote know which one to use? As a user, can I control which of the 3 to use for a specific AmiQuote update of ticker information and if so then how.


aqt.format - is for "old" Tiingo Historical format (the one is used when Settings in AmiQuote are set not to use newer CSV Tiingo requests)
aqtc.format - is for "new" CSV Tiingo Historical format
aqtd.format - is for Tiingo Current (current day update for all symbols in one request)

AmiBroker knows which one to use because AmiQuote tells it which format file to use during Import() OLE call.

thank you. much appreciated.