AmiBroker freezing when selecting Define Filter button


I have been ticking along nicely for about two months but now I am unable to select the "Define Filter" Button without AmiBroker freezing, with the only way to shut it down is to go into task manager.

I was using 6.20 but I just downloaded 6.30 and have the same issue. I am linked to the Norgate NDU as my only database.

As long as I don't touch "Define Filter" I can view charts and run analysis. I removed all my Custom formulas in case I inadvertently had something in there causing issues but the issue persists

Has anybody else experienced this issue or have any suggestions?

Thanks for any help.

Kind Regards


Maybe your database is corrupted. Try creating new empty database.

Curious as to whether or not you resolved the issue? I have the same issue and have tried creating a new database but still unable to select the 'define filter' button.
As usual, the issue is almost certainly with me, not Amibroker, but I'm running out of things to try.


The solution has been given: create A NEW DATABASE. EMPTY database, WITHOUT third party plugins. Then Define button should work. If it does, it means that your database was the culprit. If you are using 3rd party database, then you should contact data vendor because it is their database that causes problem.

Sometimes the problem is completely different: AmiBroker is not "frozen". It just displays modal window (Filter window) but you have MOVED IT earlier to the OTHER monitor
or reconfigured your display so it opens OUTSIDE current monitor visible area.

If this happens you need to reset it back to original position by deleting the following Windows registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TJP\Broker\Dialog94
(That's the key for Filter dialog position)