Amibroker Freezing with Define Filter

Good morning, afternoon, evening everyone wherever you are in the world!

I have been using Amibroker for 7+ years and absolutely love it :slight_smile: and am thankful for all the kind people on here so who have been providing me with solutions for years.

The issue I am having recently is Amibroker freezing and Memory Usage jumping to 800mb when I hit the define filter button on any formula.

I have reviewed the forum and googled about this issue and found this however this is not solving my issue: Define Button

I am using multiple local databases that I maintain myself and this is happening on all of them so I created a couple new empty ones and the issue persists so I must be doing something else wrong.

I have 5 scans that I run every day using a GuiButton that calls a .js that contains the js script below (multiple times) and I have about 3300-3600 persist static variables on average.

AB = new ActiveXObject("Broker.Application"); 

Project1 = "C:\\Amibroker\\Scripts\\Settings\\Scan - Universe.apx"
NewB = AB.AnalysisDocs.Open(Project1);

if (NewB) { 
    while (NewB.IsBusy) 

Project2 = "C:\\Amibroker\\Scripts\\Settings\\Scan - Ratings.apx"
NewC = AB.AnalysisDocs.Open(Project2);

if (NewC) { 
    while (NewC.IsBusy) 

I also use a quick Watchlist maintenance tool before the scans just to clean up symbols from previous runs.

	WatchList0 = "Universe";
	WatchList1 = "Leaders";
	WatchList2 = "Industries";
	WatchList3 = "Flags";
	WatchList4 = "Volatility";
	WatchList5 = "List 5";
	WatchList6 = "List 6";
	WatchList7 = "List 7";
	WatchList8 = "List 8";

	for ( i = 0; i < 8; i++ ) {

		Watchlist_Tickers = CategoryGetSymbols( categoryWatchlist, i );

		for ( p = 0; ( Ticker = StrExtract( Watchlist_Tickers, p ) ) != ""; p++ ) {
			CategoryRemoveSymbol( Ticker, categoryWatchlist, i );	


	CategorySetName( WatchList0, categoryWatchlist, 0 );
	CategorySetName( WatchList1, categoryWatchlist, 1 );
	CategorySetName( WatchList2, categoryWatchlist, 2 );
	CategorySetName( WatchList3, categoryWatchlist, 3 );
	CategorySetName( WatchList4, categoryWatchlist, 4 );
	CategorySetName( WatchList5, categoryWatchlist, 5 );
	CategorySetName( WatchList6, categoryWatchlist, 6 );
	CategorySetName( WatchList7, categoryWatchlist, 7 );
	CategorySetName( WatchList8, categoryWatchlist, 8 );

Lastly... I run the cleanup.js tool on average once a week to cleanup the database.

I don't know what I am doing wrong... can anyone please help me out?

Has anyone had the same issue? This is my third reinstall of Amibroker and I am not sure what I am doing wrong here...

Nothing is ever freezing. Most likely you have moved Filter window to the OUTSIDE of the screen or removed / changed screen setup

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