Amibroker import lots of data


I am using Amibroker 64 bit. I am not able to import 730 MB of data (1 minute data). When I import data, it shows the following image:


I want to use Number of Bars in Database Settings as 500000. I have also tried to set it to 50000. How to resolve this issue? Thanks!

You did not import any single bar. Probably import format was wrong. Check import.log file and make sure that your format is correct

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Hi Tomasz,

It seems I am unable to import any file. I have uploaded link to a sample file as well Right now, I am able to view other indicators like volume for NIFTY-I.NFO.csv file (present in link). But, I was able to view charts some hours earlier.

Whenever I use some other date format, import wizard pops and shows errors. Else it does not pop up. How could I access import.log in such case.

For NIFTY-I.NFO.csv, I am using date format as DMY. For NIFTY18SEPXXXXX.NFO.csv, I am using date format as YMD.

Did you check import.log file as I asked?

Hi Sir,

I went to Windows ---> Log to see logs. When there are errors, log file automatically pops up. But, I am unable to find import.log file location.

Earlier, the issue was that I mistakenly removed Price Chart. I added it by going to Charts --> Price Chart. And I am able to view charts currently.

Currently, I guess I have one corrupt file in my database which leads to failure in reading files and creating charts.

Thank you so much for your time and help, Sir.

Hi the location of import.log it is inside amibroker folder

I'm trying to import tick data for a single instrument. I successfully managed to get 3 months imported (1 month at a time), but now it's starting to hang when I ask for another moth to import.
Why would this be happening please? The format is the same as for the months which imported ok.


Thanks. I created my own format for ASCII import, and it still hangs. I tried imprting the same file into another database and it works ok. Does it matter if there's some overlap?

Overlap does not matter much but the amount of data and order does. You really need to read the article that I pointed out earlier. You never wrote HOW MANY bars you are trying to import. Three months of tick data can be anything as ticks are not time based. ES contract can have even 5000 ticks PER SECOND (in extreme cases). You did not write what version you use. That makes difference. And we don't have magical mirrors that tell us what people use. If you are importing say 10 million bars or something. As written in the article - for fast import you have to make sure you are importing in ASCENDING date order (older first, newer last). If you already have newest data in the database and importing OLDER ones it means lots of data moving to make space for old data. So it won't hang but would need significantly more time to complete. The difference can be huge. If you are doing things in totally wrong order instead of waiting 1 second you could need to wait several hours. It does NOT hang, it may just need so much time if you feed it incorrectly.
You need to be aware that sorting is N * log2( N) complexity so with 10000000 (10^7) bars when you need to resort it means at least 23*10^7 swap operations.

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