Amibroker installation to usb

I have Amibroker installed in my laptop. I wish to use this in another laptop without installation. Is it possible to run Amibroker in USB or portable mode?

Yes you can install on USB drive. It will mostly work (with exception of OLE function that require registration in Windows registry). You can make it 100% working if you actually run setup on BOTH computers and making sure that USB drive has same drive letter assigned on both.

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I installed Amibroker on an SD card. Then inserted the SD card on another laptop. Tried executing Amibroker from the SD and gets the attached error.

@eltoro I don't know if the solution presented in this article is appropriate in your case (might not be), but because you are getting side-by-side configuration Error, you might read it:

... but actually, you'd better wait for Tomasz reply before taking any actions.

@Tomasz has already answered:

Remember: every word he says is important!

Maybe I'm wrong (I have never tried it), but I read it this way:

First option (worse):

Second option (better):

This is because you tried 64-bit version. Don't do that. 64-bit version requires separately installed VC++2017 runtime and you are missing the runtime on second computer.

For portability you should use 32-bit version that does NOT require new runtime (it just uses "old" MSVCRT C runtime that is part of Windows now (since Windows XP).

32-bit version of AmiBroker works on ALL versions of Windows including 32-bit AND 64-bit.

You're right, @Milosz. I've also readed that way: First option is not 100% warranted to work, as @eltoro has discovered. So, I thougt that the next step should be to try the second option.

But it's good to know that the 32 bits versión of Amibroker can work in portable mode.

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You might consider Windows To Go. You install Enterprise edition of Windows 8 or 10 on a portable drive. Then you can plug in this drive on any computer, boot from it and use all the apps that are on the portable drive.

Wrong. First option is guaranteed to work, but you obviously need to use 32-bit version. I thought that I don't need to state the obvious and I assumed that original poster obviously chooses 32-bit version because it is clearly documented as compatible with everything

32-bit version is the ONLY universal version because 32-bit is the only thing that works regardless of operating system version and computer. Not every computer is 64-bit capable. I tend NOT to mention obvious things because they are ... obvious.

64-bit version would also work if 64-bit machine had VC++2017 runtime installed (it is installed by MANY softwares as it is de-facto standard for modern 64-bit programs).

Thanks to all the replies that clarified these issues. Thanks Thomas for that crucial information about using 32 bit version.

I decided to uninstall my 64 bit Amibroker. I installed the 32 bit version and used the databases from the 64 bit version. Also installed the Amiquote 32 bit versions. After setting up the charts and scripts, copied the whole Amibroker folder to the SD card. Inserted the SD into the other laptop. Executed broker.exe and it WORKED! Also tried Amiquote (with Tiingo access) from the SD and download looks ok. I'm happy now that I can just bring this SD during my travels and can do my scans without worrying to install on work or hotel PCs.