Amibroker keeps loading my old default formula instead of my new default

i have changed my default formula and chart. i saved my new default , after checking it is flawless, as "template - save as default". however, Amibroker (6.) loads each time the previous default. when i deleted it, i just got an announcement that the formula is not found. i never had this problem before and i suspect i forgot how to do it correctly. thanks in advance.

See Working with chart sheets and window layouts.

Thanks for the reply. However, that's what i did: opened a new window, inserted a new chart using my new formula, right clicked the chart and chose "template- save as default". nevertheless Amibroker keeps loading my old default chart. How can i change that? should i use a different method for saving a new default chart?

Do it with the Layout Tab.
Save the layout, then save as default.
You can do it for Local and Global.

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It worked. Thanks. Just to mention i had to delete the previous "default layout" for the new one to hold.