AmiBroker & MSFT OneNote Integration

Dear Fellow Users,

I would classify my experience/engagement with AmiBroker in primarily two categories:

  1. Automation (Analysis Window)

  2. Chart Viewing

When I use AmiBroker for Chart Viewing, there is one possibility that has been coming to my mind since many years; Ability to use AmiBroker along with Microsoft OneNote. Let me explain it how I visualize using it. Just like a Web Research Window can be opened integrated with the Active Symbol; which can open appropriate Webpage, HTML Page, CSV File, Text File etc.; I wish to open a Microsoft OneNote File relevant to the Active Symbol. (If the File does not exist in specified location, then to create one with a Specified Template). I would see my previous Thoughts, comments & Notings here; and note down new ones here.

A few years ago, I tried to create a New "Web Research Place" by Tools -> Customize menu -> Web Pages tab and creating a New Entry for my OneNote Files. And it worked to some extent. If the File Specific to the Symbol existed it opened. However, I faced a few limitations:

  1. OneNote Instances opened outside AmiBroker.

  2. As I changed the Chart to Another Symbol, another instance of OneNote Opened. (I would have preferred to have the previous Instance closed in this scenario - OneNote seems to be a resource hungry approach - Files can get pretty big)

  3. Nothing happened if the relevant OneNote File did not exist for the symbol. (I may not remember exactly, as it was many years ago)

Although AmiBroker has its own Linked Notepad Window, the reason I wish to have this OneNote Feature is because of the following reasons:

  1. No limitation of just Text.

  2. Possibility to organize Screenshots, Hand Written Notes, Voice Comments etc. (Everything that is available in OneNote, becomes available within AmiBroker)

I seek the guidance, view and comments of fellow users about:

  1. Efficiency of what I am looking for.

  2. Possible existing solutions or alternatives.

  3. Viability of having a Crowd Funded Solution if what I am looking for, makes enough sense. (As Mr. TJ is already committed to things that ONLY he can do). MSFT seems to have given OneNote API.

With Regards

Sanjiv Bansal

No reason to use OneNote. You can have all those "features" using just HTML files stored locally. Local HTML files can be automatically opened using Web Research window.

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@Sumangalam if you really want to use external applications, AmiBroker gives you various possibilities of synchronizing them with currently selected or viewed symbol. So you should be able to achieve your goal in many ways. For instance I have shown a few different ways of syncing external web browsers with currently selected Symbol (with and without using OLE and jscript) in this thread:

Maybe it will help you to some extent. I have no experience with OneNote.


Thank you Mr. Tomasz & Thank you Milosz,

Mr. @Tomasz, really blissful using your software - Yes, your software is so versatile and empowering. I had used the Local HTML feature a few years ago (That is why I wrote Webpage, HTML Page separately in my original post). However, I feel HTML is good for consumption. How convenient will it be for creation for unique, spontaneous content for multiple symbols - I am not sure. May be MSFT Word Files might be more convenient to create than HTML. I will try and get back.

@Milosz, Thank you very much for your wonderful guidance. I am getting a feeling that it will help me a lot in the direction I am looking for. Will Explore it further - However again it seems to be very much useful.

With Regards

Sanjiv Bansal

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You don't need MS Word. There are plenty of open-source freeware WYSIWYG editors for HTML,
Some of them are JScript based which means you can even run them in browser (WebResearch window).

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