AmiBroker Multithreaded Support

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We are facing some performance bottlenecks which are most likely due to the hardware throttling as database width is very large. We need to upgrade our machine on which we run AmiBroker. Kindly, help us with the following.

  1. Can AmiBroker Backtest Function utilise 64 threads if that much compute is thrown at it ?
  2. As we are looking to upgrade our machine. Can you please suggest the computer hardware specifications to get the best possible performance in AmiBroker keeping in mind that currently we are using a CPU with 32 threads and all of them are being used up while backtesting.

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  1. Yes Professional Edition supports 64 threads
  2. If you are limited by database, then threads don't help as data is usually available on single shared resource (such as hard disk/SSD) that does not magically scale with threads.

You have to IMPROVE YOUR DATA access time, before anything else. For maximum speed, use AmiBroker native database without any 3rd party plugins.

Carefully read this:

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