AmiBroker new user

Hi team,

im new here and intrested for buying ami broker software and thinking for link with zerodha my trade platform, Suggest me any contact number where i can buy this software. I dont have ami broker yet.
type or paste code here

The only place to buy AmiBroker is our on-line shop at:
No one else is authorized to sell AmiBroker.

Tel me cost of ami broker. I'm totally new user. Who will give me data if

You will find relevant information for NSE here

Hi Tomasz,

I also trade with Zerodha, India's leading discount broker. They provide APIs through which live market data can be retrieved so is it possible to convert it into a format Amibroker can understand?

Zerodha already has Pi Bridge which can be used to link Amibroker with Pi, Zerodha's Windows trading platform but it doesn't pass data, it gets buy, sell signals from Amibroker to set up semi-automatic trades.

At present I am using live data from some other provider but they are having some limitations so want to switch to Zerodha's APIs. Their APIs are available in PHP, Java, Python etc...

So is there any way to convert the data from any particular language in some sort of plugin or anything which can feed live data in Amibroker?