Amibroker not backfilling with IB

i have ver 6.42.0. i notice that the backfill does not work anymore. i see throttling errors.
i do recollect that i installed the latest AMIBROKER on 19th December and this issue started after.


should i do something different for this version?

Unfortunately your question isn't clear enough and does not provide all necessary details to give you an answer. Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question

What TWS version are you using????????

Did you search the forum before posting????

yes. i did lookup before i posted. My symptoms are different from the posting as i am not able to download any data. i posted assuming that someone had seen issues with the latest versions.
here are the changes i had made before i saw these issues.

  • upgrade amibroker to latest version
  • upgraded tws
  • upgrade interactive brokers api

i suspect its the tws that is causing the issue as its hanging after i login.

  • i have tws api version API_Version=10.20.01
  • TWS: 10.19

what is the latest verson of tws that amibroker works well? will try 10.12.2q until such time. I cannot find the link for 10.12.2q in IB website. Does anyone have a link?

ok. i finally got my tws working. i cleaned up the jts folder and reinstalled tws 10.19
now the IB software is working.
However i got a new error from amibroker. i do have the latets IB api installed.. cannot get better than this.
how can amibroker down the data now?


and i did read this article and cannot use any of it as i cannot get any older version of tws.Beware of new TWS version 10.10, use stable version 981.3c instead - #4 by PeterD
so i am stuck until amibroker fixes this error that is posted at "10285, your api version does not support fractional size rules."

It is simple: you don't want to have problems ? Then DO NOT upgrade TWS, ever. Interactive Brokers is known to release untested versions that break things. They eventually fix things along the road someday but if you upgrade quickly to newest version you are ALWAYS going to have issues, because IB does not care about not breaking working things.

Old version 981.3d

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ok. this works. i also discovered that i have to cleanup the jts folder for everytime, i reinstall tws. otherwise TWS just hangs on launch.

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