Amibroker open and close for previous bars keep changing


I am using Amibroker 6.00.2 (professional edition).

I am running 100-tick chart with realtime chart refresh interval set to 0 [sec]. Additionally I have Time stamp of compressed intraday bars showing : "Start time of interval". Am using IQfeed.

It seems that my open and close of my previous bars moving all the time. Is my amibroker setting wrong?

Video of how it looks like:

I think that happens when you dont have enough ticks in your database. So you should change
in database settings the number of bars.

Thanks for the suggestion, I've changed it to 10 bars, but it's still the same.

I am not shure wether I understand exactly what you do, but I use a 50-tick-chart and my setting therefore
is 50000 bars.

Thank you Michael for sharing. I've tried to set amibroker the same number of bars and ticks you have. The open and close of the bar changes too. When I set the base time interval to 1minute, the open and close no longer changes. When i set the base time interval to "tick", the open and close changes - Could that be the problem - I don't really understand this.

Base time interval - defines what 'base' bar interval is used in this database. For real-time data sources this should be set once at the database creation time. This is so because real-time sources need to collect RT ticks and pack them (time-compress) into interval bars.

AB has some very strict instructions.
Are you following it correctly?

I saw someone in another forum also setting base time interval to tick. However, amibroker websites are specifying that the base time interval should be set to 1min. Am I getting this correct ? Can it be set to tick ?

You have to read the entire page very carefully.

Why can't it be set to tick when there is an option?

Tick counting starts on day boundary. If PAST ticks for current day are added by data source (for example during backfill) then number of ticks changes and it will affect N-tick bars, until source stops adding past ticks for current day (i.e. when backfill is complete).
So for stable N-tick chart you have to have at least one COMPLETE day worth of data.


Does that mean I'll let amibroker run the entire day with iqfeed connected and it will be resolved tomorrow?

You don't need to wait. You just need to make sure you have one day worth of data. This usually means Number of bars setting large enough to accomodate one day worth of ticks.

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Thank you Tomasz for the advice, it works for me now after increasing the bars.