Amibroker roadmap?

What is AmiBrokers roadmap? What new features are they looking into. What gui improvements are they working on? And what are their plans on improvind the documentation?

I think the documentation is already excellent.
You may get more responses once you verify your AB licence.


I’d agree the manual is top notch. Can’t even get that leve from a company as big as Microsoft for Excel.

Add on the knowledge base and you got a hell of a lot of documentation.

I have a veryfied licence.

I'm not impressed since it looks like it was last updated 10 years ago. As a developer maybe I am more custom to explainotory and good looking documentation.

But this is not answering the question. Is there any roadmap for Amibroker?

I don't worry about removing of insignificant features. But NOW I am worried that they are not improving existing features!? :sweat:

You serious! Where does that come from???

AmiBroker has had further development since day one!

Good! I'm new here so I do not know which development has been done lately. That is why I am asking if they have some kind of roadmap/plans for future improvements?

My point exactly! So your comment "worried that they are not improving existing features!" is completely unfounded!


Nobody have answered the initial question, so It cant be all that unfounded. But relax, I have contacted them directly.

@arcone to get an idea about AmiBroker continuous improvement from each version to the next one, please, take a look at the file ReleaseNotes.html document that you'll find in the folder where you installed the application.

Just be sure to a have a LOT of free time to read it...

By the way, IMO, it is an excellent source to discover many features and functionalities, which otherwise could go unnoticed.


@arcone you are a newcomer here, so I suggest you spend some time getting to know the software and it's comprehensive documentation (including this forum) better before writting unjustified opinions.

How can we know it? Read here:

Actually Users guide was updated 9 days ago:

Have you visited AmiBroker's Feedback centre?

Reading suggestions submitted by other users and developer's comments you can get a glimpse into the future ...

And of course (as @beppe noted ) reading release notes and the Devlog is a must for power users -

BTW. Have you visited AmiBroker's Knowledge Base?

And I think that @aron 's post was a little sarcastic :wink: so don't treat the remark about removing features that seriously ...


Nonsense. Where did you got that from? Nothing can be further from truth. The main documentation is updated with every major update (last time it was updated in 6.30), plus ReadMe and DevLog contain documentation on ALL new versions including BETAs. Last AmiBroker BETA release was August 2, 2019 and it included updated documentation.

See this for the reference:


Yes there is a roadmap, but we will not give it away to random dude on the forum because our competition is keen to COPY us (as they did in the past).

If you are registered user then you can check the Feedback Center (accessible from members zone) for list of things that are requested/planned.

Note that Feedback Center does NOT represent everything what is planned but ONLY the part that is user requested. We don't inform everyone about every bit of internal development plans.

If you are interested what is on the plate in the next upgrade (6.35) you can get some information from this thread: Doing *huge* explorations? You can see upto 20x speed increase in next version

For your information: software development is not cooking. You don't have fixed recipe and you don't get it done in in-advance determined time. Among 75% of time recently is spent working around/fixing Microsoft bugs and inefficiencies. The qualify of Windows OS is deteriorating. The things that were working fast in old Windows (such as XP and earlier) get broken during their "updates" or performance is brought down by factor of 10x.
I don't know who they hire nowadays, but only good parts of OS are low-level kernel stuff written LONG time ago. All the UI/Shell libraries in Windows nowadays are written by some folks who don't have ANY idea about writing high performance code.

My rewrite of Common Controls list view in new (about to be released) version works 50x faster than native Windows control. That is ridiculous and should never be possible if this OS was written properly.

So if you are asking what we are doing the answer is: we are working hard. Dozens of times harder than you ever imagined was possible.

And for the record: features are pretty much NEVER removed. They may be improved or replaced by improved versions. But even then we likely to keep all backward compatibility (for example the "Old Analysis" window is kept for those who rely on old automation code using old window).

BTW: Trolling the forum the way you do is considered abuse. Consider checking facts between spreading false information and adjusting attitude toward other forum members.

Also FYI: the need to answer posts like that detracts me from development.

Update November 29: TODAY a new BETA version (6.35.0) has been released. Just in case you wondered when new version will be released.


+1 for what @Chris25 said.

You currently do not have 'License Verified Badge'!


My intention is not to troll or offend anyone. I have been working on setting up AmiBroker for the past three weeks and was now curious about what plans you had for the future. That you have now answered. Thanks you :+1:

"My intention is not to troll or offend anyone. I have been working on setting up AmiBroker for the past three weeks..."

So with a mere three weeks of 'experience' you start slinging opinions and criticisms of the product? People on this board have spent years working in AmiBroker and are still discovering its capabilities. Tomasz is a gifted programmer who directly supports the software. When you're stuck on a project there are a bunch of smart people who will offer their help.

Mind your manners; this is a civilized board with serious people.