Amibroker shows AFL error but my editor does not

I am making an indicator based on Super Trend and I am having an error when I optimize it. It is as shown below.

Error why

It is just one example it shows like 10 different of these but my editor shows no errors but two warnings which to my understanding should not cause this.

One thing to note that is I am using cmae optimization engine.


After I close all of these optimization window shows no results.

Any help on this subject matter will be appreciated.

If you need the code then inform me. I have not posted it now because I do not think it is needed to aid in the subject matter but I could be wrong*

Yes, we would at least need to see the complete line of code causing the error, as well as how you've defined the "sig" variable. If your code is too long/complex to post, then create the simplest example that still causes the error to occur and post that.

Most likely your sig variable is not a string. As @mradtke wrote you - you need to post entire code. Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question

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