Amibroker tag on stackoverflow

I would like to bring notice to the community here that there is an Amibroker tag on stackoverflow so that you can ask programming questions over there. It will help in relieving some support work done by the great Amibroker team.

While the Amibroker team is able to provide good support, I would rather they spend more time on developing Amibroker than supporting Amibroker. Having said that, I think support is important for the team to understand their customers better and to choose the right features to implement. It is a fine line to draw.

Thanks for the heads up @thankyou18. I’m a regular visitor to stackoverflow but hadn’t noticed any Amibroker related questions before.

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But did you notice that their “AFL” tag may mean “adobe flash lite”, “american fuzzy loop” and other “interesting” things? The probability of getting right answer about AFL meaning AmIBroker Formula Language from stackoverflow is floating near zero.
Having said that, stackoverflow is great for Javascript, HTML and such popular wide spread languages.

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Hi Tomasz,

The tag now at stackoverflow for amibroker is amibroker. So, for members asking amibroker-related questions, they should use the amibroker tag. Using afl tag, as you have mentioned, will lead to misunderstanding. At the moment, stackoverflow is not good for amibroker questions as it takes time for the amibroker community to grow over there.