AmiBroker Template (ALY Type) Formula Behaviour

Hi all,

From this documentation, in regards to 'old style Template' it states:

"they store only references, not the formulas themselves"

Is that still the case for recent versions?

I'm wondering because I applied a script to a chart then saved the chart as 'Template - ALY type' and then modified the same applied script but when I re-load the same Template the original script formula is being applied, not the modified script?


Yes, it is still the same as before. They do not save formulas.
As most AB files ALY files are human readable and you can open them via any text editor.

ALY files save chart IDs (besides of others) of a chart (consisting of multiple sheets) as you can see in below picture. So they refer to chart ID.

So apparently your modified script's chart pane has ChartID not being present in ALY file.



Thanks for your detailed response @fxshrat.

So to make sure the Chart ID’s are always a match, if you modify a script that is referenced by an ALY file, it’s best to re-load the template, delete the script, re-apply the modified script and then re-save the template?

Either that or (if you know what to do) you might just modify the chart ID of ALY file to the one of modified script's pane (and save ALY file).