Amibroker Time shift setting in intraday settings

Hi Tomasz,

I am Prakash from India and in the time zone of UTC 5:30 using as the system time. I am using MT4 DDE plugin for forex data. MT4 server time is UTC 2:00. So, I want to use MT4 server time for datas, but the problem is I could not use the 30 minutes in Time shift setting in intraday settings as the actual difference is 3:30, I can use like 3 or 4 hours, but I could not use the actual 3:30. So, how to rectify this difference, if not possible in the setting, is there any AFL that I can use or available for the time difference? Thanks

currently TimeShift allows only hours as a value

one idea to solve it is to mark values for example below -1000 and above 1000 as expressed in minutes

this would preserve backward compatibility and allow people from timezones with uneven shift to input settings reflecting their local timezone

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Hi rottor,
Thank you for your reply.

TimeShift accepts only integer between the value of -23 to 23 as it is accepting values in hours. I could not put in minutes.

Dear @Tomasz ,

Can you please consider the time shift with minutes(Ex . 5.30 Hours) in the Intraday database setting for the upcoming Amibroker release.

Currently I can able give the value in hours only.

Screenshot 2022-03-17 181922

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I will purchase the upgrade version if timeshift is able to do in minutes.

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