AmiQuote 3.20 is released now

New version of AmiQuote 3.20 is released now.

You can download new version from

Direct links: (32-bit version) (64-bit version)


  • New data source added: - US stocks and mutual funds, properly adjusted for splits and dividends (Auth token required, Basic account limited, all symbols require $10/month subscription)
  • New data source added: - supports Polish stocks (Warsaw stock exchange), European Stocks, major US stocks, currencies, indices)
  • Removed inoperable data sources: MSN and Yahoo Intraday
  • Fixed Finam support (it was broken due to changes on the site)
  • Much more currency pairs (87 pairs) supported by Finam source
  • Implemented faster way to setup Yahoo finance connection (it should work on older OSes too, without reliance on installed version of IE)
  • UI: Added service status info bar, so AmiQuote can quickly announce problems with certain services without users flooding support with same issues
  • Fixed random crash occuring when Yahoo page was holding some Flash content
  • UI: added information about bitness (32bit vs 64bit) to Help->About box
  • Trial version now has 10 symbol limit on all data sources. To use more symbols license purchase is required
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To use you need to sign up on their web site ( A free account gives access to limited history of major US stocks and mutual funds. $10/month subscription gives access to all data, see:

Once you sign up with you need to navigate to:

to see your API authorization code. This code needs to be copy-pasted to AmiQuote Tools->Settings "Tiingo API Auth Code" field.


You don't need to sign up to use but please keep in mind that this site is focused on Polish (Warsaw Stock Exchange) investors and only limited number of US stocks.

Important: US stocks REQUIRE .US suffix.

So instead of MSFT, you would need to use MSFT.US

You can set up translation table (Tools->Translation table) so tickers are automatically translated for you.

Hi Tomasz,

Thank you for adding Tingo! How does the data look to you?



Hi Tomasz,

With new data sources recently added to AmiQuote, I would like to inquire about the possibility of adding IQFeed.

I know that AmiBroker already has a data plugin that does backfill, but having IQFeed available in AmiQuote would provide some additional flexibility.

IQFeed intraday tick and bar prices are raw (unfiltered and not split adjusted). I would like to capture the historical data with all fields intact and then apply tick filtering, corporate actions, etc. before importing to AmiBroker. 180 calendar days of tick data is a lot to deal with. Having it in text format would allow users to pre-process and construct price bars before charting.

I hope you will consider this useful addition to AmiQuote.



Do we have to create a new database or will Tiingo overwrite the current database that consist of
yahoo eod and historical which contains errors due to yahoo ?

Thank you

Many thanks for this Tomasz. I have tried
Following links works:
But Amiquote has issues with download. Have added API Token as asked, but receiving following error.

Thanks and regards,

I checked and SLV and SPY download just fine here.

Anyway ANY errors displayed by AmiQuote when using Tiingo are errors generated and returned by server. Please e-mail support for help.

They might have had server issues when you were trying.

You need to understand that AmiQuote does NOT do anything but just downloads TEXT data into TEXT files that are stored on disk in the “Downloads” subfolder.
These text data are NOT part of AmIBroker database.

The text data are IMPORTED to AmiBroker database. Which database you choose to import to is INDEPENDENT from AmiQuote source that you are using. You can import data into ANY existing database. If you import into EXISTING database, newly imported data with matching date/timestamps always overwrite existing (matching) ones.

You are right. I tried again few minutes ago and it works.
Great job. Thank you

Ah, so I have you all to thank for this boost in traffic :slight_smile: @dubi1974 and @Tomasz thank you very much

A lot of your users have come and been very supportive of Tiingo. Because of this traffic I was able to get new vendors, a new process, and 28k mutual funds. Thank you for that!

But because of the flood, Tiingo is now getting the amount of users it used to get in a week in a single day…so @dubi1974 this weekend we are scaling out our infrastructure to be able to handle the new load of users. Additionally, I’m rolling out a few new statistical checks to better catch inconsistencies from vendors. This should be a temporary issue until this weekend :slight_smile:

Thanks again @Tomasz - means a lot you spent all this time incorporating Tiingo data. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for the Amibroker community

All the best
Rishi (Founder & CEO of Tiingo)


Is the data, as downloaded by AmiQuote, the adjusted data or unadjusted? I do not see any fields to change/request.



Hi Rishi,

Congratulations on the sudden surge in traffic! Does your API provide access to historical fundamental data for stocks?


@Rishi_at_tiingo - to decrease server load you might consider adding option to serve CSV files as opposed to Json. CSV file would be half as large.
Also, I don’t know what internal infrastructure you are using but if I was designing EOD service I would think about serving static files without querying SQL database.

Thanks @Tomasz - CSV functionality is tested and ready for the next API update (to see a preview append &format=csv to a query - when promoted to production, the API will allow suffix-based queries, i.e. .json/.csv). I do agree with you on EOD, the issue is the API allows querying of start/end dates. I do have some caching to help optimize parameters, but as a certain point I think the systems just need more firepower.

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The Forex Finam is returning "parameter incorrect" error

As I said - all errors that you get are generated by WEB PAGES, not AmiQuote. If you are getting an error it means that web page does NOT allow you to download what you requested.

Finam has proven to be “fragile” site that often goes offline and/or experiences problems.

It may be removed in the future as it is not worth the effort.

Hi Profs,

I use Amiquote 3.20. I tried the currency pairs listed in README by Tomasz and download EOD with Finam. However Amiquote crashed everytime.

I wonder if I have done something wrong???

Appreciate your advices.

Thanks a lot,

Moderator comment: don’t create multiple topics on the same subject. The answer is already in this thread.

I just installed Amiquote 3.2. I saw a message about yahoo historical data being incorrect at the bottom of the screen. I know this is a problem w/ the vendor data and not AmiQuote…so I assume Yahoo historical data is still wrong? Asking because I looked at a handful of stocks and they look ok…but wanted to check. I’ve been using Google data for the lasdt few weeks but wanted to check since Yahoo seems faster.


I have been using the Yahoo End of Day data. I have a couple of observations.

  • Missing Tickers / symbols in default Yahoo Ticker List file.

The Yahoo ticker list may not include indexes or other international tickers. I added the ones I needed. I found this downloadable that contains a massive library of Yahoo tickers. I believe there are way too many tickers for Amibroker to download in a reasonable time, but at least you have a global (possibly dated) library to work with. Download Excel Spreadsheet with Complete List of Yahoo Stock Ticker Symbols thanks to

  • Splits and Adjustments

Yahoo has End of Day data and Adjusted End of Day Data. Amibroker uses the Adjusted End of Day data. On days where there are splits (See 6/9/14 AAPL), Amibroker will collects the adjusted end of day price, while another trading platform (e.g. TD Ameritrade) shows the unadjusted price. In certain types of backtests or analysis, this could result in an unwanted or erroneous buy or sell signal. I’m guessing AMIBroker has a work around or explanation for this.

  • Yahoo User Name and Password

In the AmiQuote settings dialog, you should provide a Yahoo userid and password. I believe Yahoo may deny service when many tickers are requested.

Hope this helps.

The notification bar in the bottom of AmiQuote screen is added SPECIFICALLY to provide up-to-date status information. You should CLICK on the bar to get more info. Currently it links to Knowledge Base article that explains precisely WITH EXAMPLES straight from the Yahoo site what is wrong.

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