AmiQuote 3.22 is released now

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A new public version of AmiQuote 3.22 is released now.

It can be downloaded from:

Direct links: (121KB) – 32 bit version (145KB) – 64 bit version

CHANGES FOR VERSION 3.22 (as compared to version 3.21)

  1. Sometimes Yahoo created incorrect cookie. Workaround implemented.
  2. Service status bar adjust its height for HighDPI screens
  3. Large toolbar icon set implemented for HighDPI screens
  4. Yahoo data source errors are now prominently displayed (previously they were only visible in downloaded file)
  5. AmiQuote now checks AmiBroker’s codes returned by Import for better import error handling
  6. Yahoo changed column layout so aqh.format file needed an update

NOTE: AmiQuote 3.22 is already included in the setup of 64-bit version of AmiBroker 6.25 (but compiled with newer VC++ 2017)

Hello Tomasz,
After installation the notification for a newer version has not gone way.

This message is displayed regardless of what version you have installed. It does not come from the program itself. It is general announcement from our web site.

I have been using AmiQuote 3.22 since its release and it has helped me acquire data nicely. Thank you for keeping on top of all the external websites and their constant changes. I would like to mention a couple of really small issues that if you have noting to do… I’m kidding, of course. Just some observations:

AmiQuote does not remember it’s window attributes on shutdown and restart (monitor number, location and window size / maximized / minimized, etc.

AmiQuote generates slightly different file headers for single character symbols such as “V”.

AmiQuote has trouble handling misformed website data such as non-numeric price data. This is not AmiQuote’s fault at all. See Yahoo symbol ^RUI on 12/24/2014.

AmiQuote consistently shows a reminder to update to the latest version 3.22 at the bottom of it’s window, even while currently running version 3.22.

None of these small issues limit the program’s functionality, but I like to offer constructive feedback.

Thanks again for all your efforts.

AmiQuote does not attempt to keep the window location because surprisingly many people use
changing configurations (connecting / disconnecting external screens) and then program that saves location suddenly opens in “outer space”. This causes support ‘issues’ that we want to avoid.

This is done for purpose (compatibility) because older versions of AmiBroker (4.50 and earlier) were not able to interpret $NAME command with single letter code so AmiQuote produces backward compatible header.

With regards to ^RUI - AmiQuote does NOT “handle” the data. It just downloads the data.
The data for 12/24/2014 from Yahoo are as follows

Just visit this link:^RUI/history?period1=1419289200&period2=1419721200&interval=1d&filter=history&frequency=1d
and press “Download Data” link and you will get exactly the same what AmiQuote downloads.

The message is informational. It just says what is the latest version and whatever other important message (like Yahoo changes).

Great news are coming from - they implemented ability to request data in CSV format and our preliminary tests show that CSV downloads are upto 4 times faster then current method (JSON).

Upcoming next version of AmiQuote (3.23) implements CSV downloads. Additional benefit is that it raw (unadjusted) close is being fed to Aux1 in addition to normally adjusted OHLC data.

Also upcoming version (3.23) handles “invalid cookie” Yahoo error and Yahoo throttling better allowing to automatically adjust to Yahoo limitations.

Don’t forget Google enhancements por favor. :star_struck:

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