AmiQuote 3.23 is released now

Continuing the discussion from AmiQuote 3.22 is released now:

A new public version of AmiQuote 3.23 is released now.

It can be downloaded from:

Direct links: (126KB) – 32 bit version (153KB) – 64 bit version

CHANGES FOR VERSION 3.23 (as compared to version 3.22)

  1. CSV downloads implemented: work 4x faster than JSon and deliver both adjusted and unadjusted prices (unadjusted close is fed into Aux1)
  2. Yahoo download limit Wait&Continue dialog implemented to handle situation when user hits Yahoo limit. The dialog waits user-specified time and continues download
  3. AmiQuote now clears Yahoo cookies at the beginning of download
  4. List view is color coded depending on item status
  5. List view does not flicker anymore (double buffering implemented)
  6. Status bar now includes number of failed (wrong) symbols during download
  7. Auto-scroll implemented (list view scrolls automatically as download progresses to subsequent symbols)
  8. Mouse cursor does not flicker when importing


I didn’t want to hijack your version announcement, so thank you for the new version of AQ and continued support for it! It does some great heavy lifting for some of us and a great tool.


You’re very welcome.

Your post is perfectly on topic!
And when you say something nice - feel free to hijack any thread :slight_smile:

Thanks for continued enhancement. After the completion of downloads, it would be helpful if the number of failed symbol is displayed. So the status bar would say something like this “download completed. x number of symbols failed to download”.

IMHO, I think having a AQ download log folder in the AQ directory and a download log with YYYMMDDHHMM naming might do it all, with optional setting to show all including success symbols, failed symbols or both, including the “Type” of failing i.e…“No Data for Symbol”, “Timeout” etc.

That way any user can reference the log visually or in script.

Sorting by column like “Status” would be nice as well.


Just a thought.

You may not noticed it but there are new options in the Edit menu for selecting completed / failed symbols this makes it easy to delete or export symbols depending on their status.

Hi Tom,

I did see those. I was thinking something more OLE friendly and referable from outside the program after an AQ run etc.


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