AmiQuote 3.25 is released now

A new public version of AmiQuote 3.25 is released now.

It can be downloaded from:

Direct links: (127KB) – 32 bit version (154KB) – 64 bit version

CHANGES FOR VERSION 3.25 (as compared to version 3.23)

  • Fixed Google Intraday download (after Google changing their URL)
  • Window position and size is stored between sessions now
  • Fixed Yahoo Fundamental Extra download after Yahoo web site change
  • AmiQuote now displays summary in the status bar after download is finished.
  • Better error reporting in case of broken internet connectivity

Thank you Tomasz, lots of love and hard work!

Had a thought, it would be nice if AQ remembers its Gui size on closing? I always shrink the width it like this...


The version has been updated now to 3.25 to fix recent Google Intraday URL change. It also saves window position as per @Sean request.


Thanks you for the new version Tomasz. It has resolved the issue with Google Intraday.

Of course, thank you from me as well.

thank you very much.

Hi Tomasz
I installed AQ 3250 and when running the application appears minimized, being impossible to handle

AmiQuote 3.25 as per @Sean request, STORES window position. So if you moved it somewhere in strange place it will restore there. These are consequences of features that being asked for.
Storing position assumes that customer does not shoot him/herself in the foot and does not move the window into outer space.

If you did, you need to delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TJP\Quote\WindowPos registry key

Thanks Tom, hopefully nobody will remove one of their monitors. :slight_smile: